how long

my heart breaks in pieces
as you shut the door
you say you have no choice
yet i know you work harder at that
than what’s important.
i need you
i need you
i need you…

place my trust and faith in a higher place
in His arms i won’t be alone at night
He holds me close as tears run down
money doesn’t matter
i miss you
i miss you
i miss you…

He knows my fears and hope and dreams
His love overflows like wine.
you think you’re doing your best
yet here i am alone and lonely
i love you
i love you
i love you…

but for how long can this go on?



9 thoughts on “how long

  1. Sometimes love does not respond back as you thought or think it should the result can be a feeling of inadequacy and indifference. I feel it in your verse which is expressed quite tangibly. Good work. I just wrote a piece that I think will answer the question and fulfill the need that is missing to this work. Please check out and let me know what you think, it is titled “Love You More”.

  2. I feel the hurt and sadest because someone you care about a great deal didn’t respond back in the way you wanted. Sometimes it doesn’t but like my mom use to say there is more than one fish in the sea.

    • Thats a very wise and true statement 🙂 i think though that often we selfishly want people to respond the way we want them to. Not everyone reacts or responds the same way, and so we feel hurt even when the other person was doing their best to make the situation work out. I guess thats why they say, communication is crucial in a relationship.

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