waving his fingers in my face
i scream when i see him
he keeps getting closer
i run but i can’t hide
his cold hands run down
my bare back
i feel his nails dig
deep into my flesh
i scream, a silent one
i can’t run…
suddenly before my eyes
i see another, clothed in white
like a shimmering light.
His arms outstretched
i try to reach, to touch
but He’s too far
He comes closer
the nails loose their grip
the man in white takes my hand
i am safe with Him.


6 thoughts on “salvation

  1. The title is very apt and the story flows even though torment and suffering are present, salvation is the victor and yet the flow is never broken dow or hesitant even though the abyss between extremes is wide, there is no break, which means very good and the central figure recognizes and introduces both and fades the loser. Good vs, evil, damsel in distress and a hero. It’s all there, So much in so little this is the beauty of the piece,
    Macus T.

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