criticism tears me down
even while i was building up
i try to be a good girl
a good wife.
i fail.
newly weds. independent.
my mind goes dark, i fear
the onset of the shadow.
heart of hearts breaks.
i can do no more.
Lord, lift the shadow
before it consumes me.
anger is my constant companion
fear, its soul mate.
i need no friends, i have enough,
i need my love, my marriage to live.
i try, i cry, i try, i cry.
a continued struggle.
“i only wanted to lie with my hands
turned up and be utterly empty”

(from 2008/9 – the last line is from Sylvia Plath’s poem “Tulips“)

This work is protected by copyright.  Any reproduction, recording, duplication or transfer by fax and wire is strictly prohibited.  All quotes must be attributable to Lizanne Pitt with where it’s location is to be found.


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