years go by and nothing changes
friends come and go
i never let them close
they see the Ice Queen
they see the Warrior
they only touch my armour
they never feel my skin
they never see my tears
they never hear my cry
they never see the person
that so few have seen.
the person i am when i am ME.


One thought on “me

  1. Maybe the aversion to letting others close to you is a fear that others will not be accepting of the real you, or perhaps the real you feels vulnerable or perhaps less than and rather than let anyone see the fragile side of you whether, perpetuated because of self worth issues or not, you keep the world at bay, when the one that must be truly convinced is yourself. There are perhaps fruedian slips in this piece as it is much like a confession, but perhaps I am overanalyzing. I liked your piece and I think it is a paradigm that we all at times face. Let your beauty forth and anyone unable to appreciate it and accept it isn’t worth being too concerned with in the first place.
    Agape love to you,
    Marcus T. (

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